Adamari López shares her secret to recovering collagen and eliminating wrinkles around the eyes    Panorama

Adamari López shares her secret to recovering collagen and eliminating wrinkles around the eyes Panorama

Adamari Lopez She is one of the most beautiful presenters on Latin American television because, although it is not easy, the famous woman is a beauty at 50 years old Porcelain skin in your face. Because the Puerto Rican actress also has a special interest in the care of your skin so he’s even already set aside one day a week to see his dermatologist: ‘Approval Monday’, when he reveals his Secret to getting collagen Y Remove wrinkles around the eyes.

The Puerto Rican goes to her GP every Monday so the expert can perform a new treatment on the skin on her face and neck, which will allow her to keep her porcelain skin longer. To do this, the famous this week has undergone a special treatment that eliminates annoying problems crow’s feet and forms of expression, but also helps you with this lighten the spots around the eyes.

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The famous dedicates “Consent Monday” to taking care of her porcelain skin | IG: @adamarilopez

What is Adamari López’s secret to keeping her eyes youthful?

According to the specialist, the non-invasive treatment that Adamari López underwent aims to stimulate the skin’s fibroblasts to produce collagen.

“We will be focusing on a new treatment using a small machine that I have, specifically for the eye contour to drain, reduce inflammation, reduce color and reduce wrinkles and eliminate dark circles,” the expert said.

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Adamari López gets rid of crow’s feet with this treatment | IG: @adamarilopez

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As we’ve mentioned in other Panorama entries, over the years, especially between the ages of 28 and 30, the body stops producing the same amount of collagen, an essential ingredient for maintaining your skin’s firmness and youth, therefore it is important to take measures to stimulate fibroblasts responsible for the production of collagen.

Remember that in addition to a treatment like the one the famous woman has undergone, it is advisable to take hydrolyzed collagen and follow a daily skin care routine with sun protection.

This way you can keep looking like Adamari López from 3 to 50. Are you ready to take care of your skin like the famous driver? At Panorama we have many recommendations, treatments and home remedies for your skin care needs.