Adamari López reveals what bothered her about Toni Costa on LCDF

Adamari López reveals what bothered her about Toni Costa on LCDF

Adamari Lopez could live the experience of being locked up for several hours The house of the famousas part of the preparations for the start of the new season that begins with it Tuesday January 17th on Telemundo.

Our little one came ready to live the experience to the fullest and without complexes, forgetting that cameras were filming from all angles and opening her heart with total honesty.

The presenter had a revealing conversation that saw her first say she didn’t like the presence of her ex-partner, the dancer Tony Costa.

“I think when Toni was here, what caused me conflict was exactly when he talked about how the girl (his daughter Alaïa) was the reason we broke up,” López said.

Adamari explained that from his point of view, his daughter was the reason that kept them together in the relationship the longest.

“To be honest, I think the reason we stayed together for so long was because of her,” she said.

[¡Encerrada! Adamari López se queda incomunicada y lejos de su casa para vivir una experiencia inolvidable]

The great pain that Fonsi caused him

Another time during her stay, in a meeting with other personalities who shared this experience with her, Adamari spoke about her ex-husband, the singer Luis Fonsi.

“Fonsi helped me get through what might be the toughest personal, physical phase I’ve ever had, which is having cancer, and that’s helped me move forward, but it’s also caused me a lot of pain,” he said.

The presenter of today revealed the Despacito interpreter was upset after she published her book Viviendo in 2012.

“I can understand that, maybe at the time Fonsi had the guts to get me to pull out a book… It’s also hard to listen to other women judging something that if it happened to them they’d probably experience it the same way,” she said.

in memory of the good times

Adamari López enjoyed a very pleasant moment with four former La Casa de los Famosos participants: Laura Bozzo, Salvador Zerboni, “El Potro” and Rafael Nieves.

Together they walked the corridors of the residence again, reminiscing about anecdotes from the days they spent locked up and jumping into their beds, which, according to the Peruvian presenter, were busy.

Adamari Lopez reveals what bothered her about Toni Costa on

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