Adamari López hinted at her ex  partner Toni Costa’s girlfriend

Adamari López hinted at her ex partner Toni Costa’s girlfriend

Adamari Lopez She is a presenter and actress who has proven over the years that she is a versatile artist. She is the owner of a great talent, so everything she does has instant success. Currently, the brilliant artist works as a presenter in the program today.

A few days ago the ex-partner of Tony Costa He surprised everyone with some statements: “I broke up in love, I saw my life with my daughter’s father. It wasn’t something I wanted, but there were things that weren’t right and I couldn’t let go of them either.”

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Adamari López does photo productions for the most important clothing brands.

Currently they have a great friendly relationship with the daughter they have in common, so the upbringing and growth of Alaia develop optimally.

Tony Costa Recently it was also a trend in the news portals for some statements that he made about his ex-partner and mother of his daughter Adamari Lopez. The dancer confessed during his recent stay at La Casa de los Famosos that she was “the woman of his life”.

A few hours ago, Adamari Lopez added a new chapter to this novel by sharing a video on his official Instagram account profile with a reference to it Evelyn Beltrancurrent partner of Tony Costa. In it you can see her saying the phrase: “Neither jealous nor envious, because that was already mine and it will be mine again if I feel like it.”

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