Adamari López boasts of her cold meeting with Toni Costa on a very special day

Adamari López boasts of her cold meeting with Toni Costa on a very special day

Posted in PROMINENTS on 08/14/2022 10:43 am

Adamari Lopez proved it again Despite the separation from Toni Costa, they maintain a warm and respectful relationship.or because of his daughter Alaia.

And this is last Friday The couple accompanied their daughter to a school event organized before the start of the lesson. On her Facebook profile, the Telemundo presenter shared a short video in which she explains in detail the reason for her meeting with Toni Costa, who had to interrupt her walk with her friend Evelyn Beltran.

“Today is a very special day. Alaïa met her teacher and some classmates. My princess is starting second grade this Monday and my dad and I are very proud and ready to start this school year. I invite you to support your children during these first days of school,” the actress also wrote at the end of the publication.

In the pictures you can see how Adamari López and Toni Costa lead their daughter Alaïa to the gates of their school. The girl is always looking forward to this new chapter in her life, which she can share with her friends.

Internet users could witness the little interaction between them, what happened when the presenter of “Hoy Día” mentioned on camera that she will be absent from the show this Monday morning because she has decided to accompany her daughter on her first day of school, since this is something due to her workload, He doesn’t usually do it very often and Toni is the one who fills that role.

The Spanish dancer stayed on the edge of the broadcast at all times, He limited himself to just answering what his ex asked him. He seemed calm and happy to be able to accompany his daughter on something so important.

Followers of the TV star celebrated their reunion with Toni Costa. share a very special moment. They also took advantage of the space to praise the good relationship they have built more than a year after their split.

“Blessings, how nice to see you share, always prefixing the beautiful princess, God take care,” “Blessings, I admire you fathers, it shows they have very nice communication and containment for their princess”, “Much blessings to the three of them. God bless you”, “The three together make a wonderful family. You are great parents.” “Glad to see you together, you are a beautiful family, you show that you put your daughter first,” “God bless you always and allow you to be together again To keep your pretty princess happy,” they wrote.

This was Adamari López’s meeting with Toni Costa: