Actress in coma breathing with the help of machines after car crash

Actress in coma breathing with the help of machines after car crash

Actress Anne Heche

Actress Anne Heche | Photo: Playback/Instagram

Anne Heche’s health is very serious. The actress, who was in a car accident last Friday (5), is in a coma and breathing with the help of machines. Anne also has severe burns on her body.

“At the moment Anne is in an extremely critical condition. She has significant lung injuries that require mechanical ventilation, and doctors have also diagnosed that the actress will need surgery to treat the burns over her body,” a rep for the actress said in a statement, released this Monday (8th).

According to the official statement, Anne Heche has “not regained consciousness since the accident”. The actress is already under investigation for allegedly driving while intoxicated after driving her vehicle into a Los Angeles home, which caught fire shortly after the collision.

According to CNN, officers obtained a search warrant for a blood draw on the day of the accident. They are still awaiting the results to complete the investigation of the episode. Anne first crashed her car into a condominium garage.

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Local residents tried to get Anne out of the vehicle, but the actress reversed and drove away at high speed. Witnesses said that a short time later it collided with a nearby house and started a fire.

The fire consumed the house and also reached the actress’ car. She was eventually rescued by firefighters and taken to a hospital in an ambulance.

Heche, who has a long acting career, is best known for the romantic comedy Six Days Seven Nights (1998) and the disaster film Volcano: The Fury (1997), as well as her long relationship with host Ellen DeGeneres, 64. Anne had several projects going on.