Actress Angelica Vale reveals how she managed to lose weight

Actress Angélica Vale reveals how she managed to lose weight

After struggling with her weight for years, 47-year-old Mexican actress Angélica María Vale Hartman revealed how she managed to lose weight.

As the actress explained, she found a doctor who prescribed the treatment she needed beyond good nutrition.

“I’ve been on the diet for years and it hasn’t done anything for me. I believe my doctor has finally agreed to the hormone treatment I asked for nine years ago,” Vale said in response to questions from the press. “With my kids, they gave me hormones and that made me gain weight… If I ate it, you would have shut up and lost weight, but it wasn’t,” he added.

“I ate three heads of lettuce and didn’t lose a kilo and I said why, what is this, this is very strange…” he commented. “It took me nine years of searching and searching before I think I’ve made it,” he added.

Currently, the daughter of the Mexican singer and actress Angélica María and the Mexican comedian of Venezuelan origin Raúl Vale is one of the protagonists of the musical Grease in Mexico.

On Sunday the musical reached 100,000 spectators and among the guests was the actress Aracely Arámbula and her children.