Actor Julian Sands has disappeared in the mountains of Southern California    La Gazzetta dello Sport

Actor Julian Sands has disappeared in the mountains of Southern California La Gazzetta dello Sport

There has been no trace of the actor since last Friday

Riccardo Cristilli

January 19

The British actor Julian Sands disappeared up Southern California mountains. There is speculation that the actor was caught out hiking by inclement weather. County of San Bernardino It has been affected by bad weather for several days, including copious and unexpected rains and sudden cold. According to reports from the BBC and Guardian, on Tuesday January 19 the county sheriff only revealed the identity of a hiker who has been missing since Friday. According to sources, it would be Sands himself.

Who is Julian Sands and his main roles?

The 65-year-old actor is known for i main roles he also starred in James Ivory’s Room with a View, David Lynch’s Boxing Helena or Arachnophobia, in Doctors Season 2, Smallville and in Mistero a Crooked House. Darius Silver chose him alongside his daughter Asia Argento as the protagonist of The Phantom of the Opera.

Julian Sands disappeared in California

Julian Sands has reportedly disappeared in the Baldy Bowl area during a storm that hit the San Gabriel Mountains. Drone and helicopter searches continue but were immediately unaffordable due to bad weather. According to the sheriff, land operations can only be resumed when the weather conditions improve. Police officials said they received 14 emergency calls in the area and advised even the most experienced climbers not to venture. According to reports from the BBC, an American is said to be among the missing. Last week a mother of 4 and an experienced climber died on Mount Baldy in Southern California.

The passion for trekking

Sands has lived in California for years North in the Los Angeles area with his wife, has three children. Born in Yorkshire in 1958, the actor has never hidden his passion for climbing and trekking. His disappearance was reported at 7pm last Friday, but it was only in the last few hours that his identity was released by police.

January 19, 2023 – 12:34