Actor Idris Elba says he wont be the next James

Actor Idris Elba says he won’t be the next James Bond

(Dubai) Actor Idris Elba says he will continue to play troubled detective John Luther – not James Bond.

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Jon Gambrell Associated Press

At the world government summit in Dubai on Tuesday, Elba spoke of ongoing talks over the possibility of him posing as Ian Fleming’s notorious British spy. Rumors have circulated since Daniel Craig after the 25th film in the franchise, No Time To Die, when James Bond left.

When asked about his next film after the British series Luther, Elba made it clear that he wouldn’t be the next 007.

“You know, a lot of people talk about another character that starts with ‘J’ and ends with ‘B,’ but I’m not going to be that guy,” he claimed.

“I will be Johannes Luther. It’s me. »

Luther: The Fallen Sun is slated to hit US theaters on February 24 and will begin streaming on Netflix March 10. Also starring Andy Serkis and other actors from the TV series.

Idris Elba, 50, is known for a variety of television and film roles, from Stringer Bell on the American television series The Wire to the recent film Beast.