Accused of violent assault, he demands refugee status

Accused of violent assault, he demands refugee status

A man accused of a violent stabbing in Florida fled US justice by showing up on Roxham Road, where he applied for fugitive status.

Christopher Estime, 25, allegedly committed his crime last June in Stock Island, South Florida, when he violently assaulted another man.

“After an argument, Estime left and then returned with a knife and was stabbed [la victime] Neck, the American authorities state in their extradition request. [La victime] stated that the attack continued outside on the street. Esteem stabbed her several more times. »

One person reportedly tried to convince the attacker to stop doing it, but Estime reportedly replied: “No, I’m going to kill him. »

The victim, who was flown to the hospital, survived.


Identified shortly thereafter, Estime was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

However, the accused could not be found and, with good reason, he fled across the United States in hopes of reaching Canada with refugee status.

He was arrested by the Border Services Agency on July 18 when he arrived in Canada via Roxham Road two days earlier.

“I want to stay here to work, I have my mother and father here,” the accused said during a brief visit to the court.

However, Canadian authorities, learning of the existence of the American warrant, began proceedings to deport Estime to his home country.

The United States was then informed and instead requested his extradition to them to stand trial for his alleged crime.

“If he is sent back to Haiti, he will have to be located again, which could prove very difficult,” the US authorities’ extradition request said.

Esteem, who is in protective custody, will appear in court again on Friday.

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