According to the study cannabis increases sexual satisfaction and helps

According to the study, cannabis increases sexual satisfaction and helps with multiple orgasms

Posted on 20230125 4:38 PM / Updated on 20230125 4:40 PM

    (Image credit: Prakash Mathem/AFP)

(Image credit: Prakash Mathem/AFP)

A study on the relationship between sex and cannabis showed that users of the plant experience an increase in libido and that it even improves the chances of multiple orgasms. The survey was conducted with 811 participants between the ages of 18 and 85. Of these, over 70% reported increased sexual satisfaction, and almost 40% of women reported feeling “an increased ability to have more than one orgasm per sexual encounter” when under the influence of cannabis substances.

“Those who reported intentionally using marijuana before sex scored significantly higher than those who reported not intentionally using marijuana before sex on the real physiological effect scale. However, the relaxing effects of cannabis may contribute to increased desire or reduce inhibitions that may contribute to increased sexual function and satisfaction,” said the authors of the study, published in the Journal of Cannabis Research.

In addition, the study found that masturbatory pleasure was also increased by marijuana use. Another point of research was the fact that flavor and touch were enhanced with cannabis. “Improved taste and touch may increase overall sexual function and satisfaction, two senses that are heavily engaged during intercourse,” the authors explained.

However, the researchers warned that the study has some limitations, including a lack of legalization of cannabis. Therefore, the dose or frequency of substance use by the participants was not accurately recorded. “Future research should focus on the frequency and duration of male cannabis use in relation to their sexual functioning. In addition, age was positively correlated with duration and frequency of cannabis use, and the interaction between these three variables should be explored,” the authors recommended. The survey can be accessed in full at this link.

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