According to criticism Latino shows result of facial rejuvenation

According to criticism, Latino shows result of facial rejuvenation

After appearing unrecognizable and being compared to Diabo for his facial rejuvenation, the 49yearold Latino showed the result of his face after the swelling had gone down. The singer also countered those who criticized his actions.

On Instagram, through the official profile of the bride Raffa Rarbbie, the singer commented in a video on the process of removing puffiness from his face.

“Happy New Year my folks. Yesterday (12/31) we had to work and keep the Arraial D’Ajuda gang happy, so today actually starts my New Year’s Eve. I’m already feeling a bit better, it’s deflated… For many , who criticized me, there is a closeup of my appearance. So, guys, let’s start 2023 differently, right?” Latino said.

In the video, the bride also made a point of praising the singer. “Cat, hold the 2023 version,” Rarbbie said. “Since my love is offline here is a message for all his fans and followers,” she wrote in the caption.


Latino has been compared to the devil in the film “O Auto da Compadecida” (2000) due to the change after a facial rejuvenation. He said he thought the story was a joke.

The 49yearold singer underwent a series of facial cosmetic procedures that left him unrecognizable. In addition to applying botox, he tinkered with his eyebrows and eyes. The image that made the rounds had the singer on Twitter compared to the character from the classic film by Guel Arraes.

“I laugh a lot at the memes. I think my trajectory already answers me, right? The day I’m sad and worried about what other people think, I stop being Latino. I receive everything with a lot of humor”, he explained to the column of Leo Dias from Metrópoles.