1693719986 According to Christian Begin it will be for Dr Charbonneau

According to Christian Bégin, it will be for Dr. Charbonneau in “Indefensible – 7 Days” doesn’t end well

After a health-related break in his professional activity, Christian Bégin takes over the position. The presenter and actor returns to us in great shape and is ready for his television comeback. We were able to talk to him about his recovery and the projects that will be keeping him busy soon.

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How are you approaching your new TV season?

With great amazement and gratitude. When I think of Curieux Bégin, it is rare that we are given space for 16 seasons. The series returns this year with 26 episodes. I’m quite surprised and pleased. Then I will host a seventh season of Y’a du monde à messe. Sixth grade was cut short for me, so I’m really looking forward to coming back with a full season next year. Life is really good for me.

They are back after recovery. What happened to you?

I had a brain tumor. A benign tumor. In fact, we couldn’t know whether it was benign or not before the operation because you can’t do a biopsy on this type of tumor. It is too complicated. Ten days after the operation, I knew it wasn’t cancer.

What state of mind were you in before the operation?

It wasn’t pleasant and such an operation is complex. It carries risks. Luckily I don’t have any after effects. The tumor couldn’t be completely removed, so we’ll see what happens. Everything is fine at the moment.

What prompted you to contact us about this issue?

I had a severe headache. But my GP and I thought it was an eye headache or something. It was my lover who insisted that I undergo an examination, and the result of this examination showed that the tumor was present.

Fortunately, you were able to return to work in June. A segment in Italy is planned for the next season of Curieux Bégin. What can you tell us about that?

This part hasn’t been filmed yet. I will also take the opportunity to go on holiday in October and extend my stay in Italy. With your lover? Possibly. For the show we travel to the Chianti and Veneto regions. We will be filming two shows there over eight days.

According to Christian Begin it will be for Dr Charbonneau

Patrick Seguin

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How long do you want to stay on your vacation?

I add three weeks. We will start in the north and head south, probably to Sicily.

Do you have any new projects as an actor?

In fact, in Indefensible I’ll star with Dr. Martin Charbonneau, my character, will be back. I’m filming right now. And there’s Isabelle Langlois’ new series, The Candidate, in which I play a great role.

That means?

That of an inconvenient citizen, I would tell you. An unloved poet, misunderstood, angry, angry at society, a hermit.

And what does Dr. expect? Charbonneau in “Indefensible”?

We will follow the two trials he has to go through and it will not end well for him.

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