Accident on the island of the famous It is being

Accident on the island of the famous: “It is being observed”, intervention by doctors

On the Island of the Famous 2022 the difficulties continue and these days one of the participants of the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi was absent due to a serious health problem that required doctors’ intervention. But what is it about? Here’s what we know.

Accident on the island of the famous It is being

Yes, life as a shipwrecked person is not easy and there are always many difficulties to be overcome, the challenges of L’Isola dei Famosi always burden the participants, both physically and psychologically. It can happen that during the course the participants have to reckon with accidents and that’s exactly what happened for one of the protagonists of this adventure who is now under observation: let’s find out who it is and what happened.

The terrible announcement live

In the last few days we have told you about a shipwrecked man who literally disappeared from the television cameras and who for some reason had not yet been talked about, but the most attentive viewers had noticed his absence the day before and now the same competitor has not taken part of the Episode of L’Isola dei Famosi on Monday May 9th.

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As we told you in a previous article, that’s what it’s all about Blind. The live episode in question began with an announcement by Alvin regarding his health condition and the reason for the competitor’s absence. The young rapper was not well: let’s find out in detail what happened.

Blind under surveillance

The May 9th episode began with an important message from Alvin. The correspondent explained that Blind does not have easy days and is therefore under medical supervision:

“He’s been in our infirmary since yesterday, he’s not feeling well these days and the illness is due to a skin infection. I’ve spoken to the doctors and they prefer to keep him out of the sun and salt water for three days (. .) L ‘I met him in person yesterday and he told me he was sorry.

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Obviously it’s nothing serious, in fact his return to Palapa is expected from Friday May 13th. His sudden disappearance it had alarmed numerous viewers, but thankfully Alvin’s communication reassured audiences at home.

In the last few days, several internet users had complained about the authors’ lack of attention to Blind, in fact tweeting: “I think he injured his foot. But in any case, it’s so important to the authors that they don’t even let the letter pass under saying that in the infirmary like the others.

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We hope that the young man can return to his fellow adventurers as soon as possible, even if life as a shipwrecked man is anything but easy and this experience is a very tough one.