1676411423 quotAbsurd Fake quot Cristiana Oliveira goes public to deny her

"Absurd Fake !"; Cristiana Oliveira goes public to deny her own death after fake news circulated…


Cristiana Oliveira was not sparing in criticizing the Italian publication that (wrongly, of course) reported on her death

Cristiana Oliveira denied his death, an Italian magazine reported© Playback / Instagram @oliveiracris10Cristiana Oliveira denied his death, an Italian magazine reported

Cristiana Oliveira had to speak up via social media to deny rumors of his own death. The actress learned that the Italian magazine Star Mag reported her death as a result of fake news published on Facebook and was not sparing with criticism.

“Absurd Fake News! A magazine in Italy announced that I had been the victim of a lie that said I had died! Taken from an article written on Facebook. I never thought … crosses! you are insulted” wrote Cristiana Oliveira on her Instagram accountshowing the print of the magazine with the wrong article.

> Cristiana Oliveira Photo: Instagram @oliveiracris10

In the comments fans of the actress were impressed by the wrong material in another country and supported Cristiana. “An absurdity, a lack of sensitivity,” said one of them. “This is rough journalism, take notes somewhere and say this is serious journalism,” criticized another. “Much evil, God is with you,” said a third.

Last year the actress who played the first Juma from Pantanal became emotional as the final scenes of Bruno Luperi’s remake were taped, broadcast on TV Globo. Along with most of the cast, the famous one revealed the feeling during the shoot. In an interview with the Extra newspaper, she said that meeting Marcos Palmeira and Almir Sater was a great emotion.

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