"abolish christmas"    the five craziest WEF myths

"abolish christmas" the five craziest WEF myths

Many false claims are circulating in the World Economic Forum (WEF). These are the top 5 of this year.

For some people, the WEF is a kind of center of evil: “Big economic groups like to be projection screens for conspiracy narratives, because a wide variety of powerful people meet there to exchange ideas”, explains Jan Rathje of CeMAS , which studies radicalization trends and conspiracy narratives on the Internet.

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Current false claims – and what lies behind them

The following rumors are currently circulating:

The WEF must call for the deaths of millions of petsto combat climate change. The allegation is based on an article by the US portal Newspunch, known for spreading false information, and it is false, as WEF spokespersons told the DPA fact-checking team.

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Reportedly, WEF guests require unvaccinated flight crews. This is not the case, as the 20-minute fact check shows. The video the clip comes from is almost six months old. It’s a recording of a stream posted on July 6, 2022 by an anti-vaccination Australian woman who calls herself Maria Zeee. On the occasion, Zeee interviewed pilot Alan Dana, who according to his own testimony flew for the Qantas Group for 14 years – until he was fired in 2021 because, contrary to what his employer predicted, he did not vaccinate himself against Covid-19. . Like Zeee, he is also opposed to corona vaccination: he has several times publicly disclosed false information and has sued his former employer for “wrongful dismissal”.

The excerpt that later circulated on social media shows only a small part of the interview, which originally lasted about 50 minutes. It was unearthed by Twitter user @MuchemiKimani, who posted it on January 6 with the statement “The public in Davos is demanding unvaccinated pilots. That must be climate change”. Four days later, he posted another similar tweet. From there, the snippet, along with the false claim that the content referred to the WEF, spread further within days.

“5,000 troops to protect the WEF in Davos. Do you expect trouble?” Such posts indicate that the WEF should be particularly well protected this year. However, as in previous years, Parliament only set an upper limit of 5,000 army members to support the WEF. This does not mean that they are used.

Does the WEF want to ban private cars? This is a lie. He just recommends using car-sharing deals – for the good of the environment.

abolish Christmas. The WEF is said to have demanded this in December. But the alleged proof screenshot is fake as fact checkers have shown. However, the WEF has been campaigning for a sustainable festival for years.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab is always in focus. His father is sometimes accused of having been a confidant of Adolf Hitler, sometimes he is said to have been part of the Rothschild banking family – an anti-Semitic cipher for Jewish rulers who are supposedly acting in secret. Both are wrong, as the AFP fact-checking team proved.

Great resemblance

The rumors have one thing in common, according to Rathje: “Ultimately, they are all conspiracy stories that aim to make the people suffer and assume that the elites will implement something against the will of the people.”

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