1672692081 A woman poisons her husband with bleach and then commits

A woman poisons her husband with bleach and then commits suicide

A woman poisons her husband with bleach and then commits

A couple was found violently dead in the Madrid city of Fuenlabrada on Monday. According to initial investigations, the 54-year-old is said to have poisoned her 64-year-old partner with bleach and then killed himself, according to police sources. The incidents happened at the house where they lived on Iceland Street and the bodies were found by the Summa 112 toilets after a call from their children, who were concerned about their parents’ lack of response. Both have Spanish nationality.

There were no previous complaints from him or her, but according to sources close to the investigation, she had tried to harm herself on other occasions, which raised the suspicion among relatives that something might have happened. According to a visual inspection, the poisoning was caused by “bleach, chemical products and medicines,” although the autopsy must reveal how much and how the man ingested the life-ending products. Both bodies were in the same room of the house, the bedroom. She took her own life by hanging herself. A suicide note from the woman was found in the apartment.

The head of station 112, Gema Izquierdo, has assured that when the unit arrived around 1 p.m. “only the deaths of both could be confirmed”. When the crime occurred can only be determined by forensic examination of the corpses. The Summa psychologists are also on site and had to take care of the couple’s children because of an anxiety attack.

Murder Commission V has taken over the investigation. The “state brigade of science police” is also on site.

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