A woman accused of beheading her lover attacks her lawyer

A woman accused of beheading her lover attacks her lawyer in court

A married woman accused of beheading her lover after strangling him during drugged sex attacked her lawyer in court on Tuesday.

Taylor Schabusiness, 25, jumped on her attorney Quinn Jolly in a Greenbay, Wisconsin, courtroom and appeared to elbow Jolly in the head. However, the lawyer does not appear to have sustained any injuries.

The altercation apparently came after a witness failed to show up to testify about Schabusiness’s mental state.

She faces first-degree murder, mutilation and sexual assault after the victim’s mother discovered her son’s severed head in a bucket covered with a towel at her home.

She pleaded not guilty to a mental illness.

Schabusiness’s outburst of anger came during her trial to determine her ability to stand trial.

Jolly was due to present expert testimony in court on Tuesday, but told Judge Thomas Walsh the witness had not yet completed his report.

The attorney has requested an additional two weeks for this testimony.

Back then, Schabusiness was filmed attacking his lawyer.

Video from the Greenbay courtroom shows Schabusiness jumping out of his seat and trying to grab Jolly’s arm before elbowing him in the head.

A Brown County officer quickly intervened and brought Schabusiness to the ground, struggling to hold her down as she tried to wriggle out of his grasp.