A win-win formula for Legault, Duhaime and the others

A win-win formula for Legault, Duhaime and the others

With the many crises the CAQ government will have to deal with during its second term, including the ongoing health crisis, François Legault will start the year with a series of private meetings with the four opposition leaders.

What is surprising, however, is that he also invited Éric Duhaime, leader of the Quebec Conservative Party (PCQ).

The invitation came as a surprise as Mr Duhaime was unable to choose a single candidate due to a dysfunctional electoral system in a multi-party situation. Despite the 13% of the votes his party garnered in the elections.

All powerful

For the Prime Minister, this formula of private meetings with his opponents at a strategic level is definitely an asset. In this way he can counteract his image of a head of government who, in the eyes of some, would have become too powerful with a massive majority of seats.

She is also a winner for the other leaders: Marc Tanguay from PLQ, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois from QS and Paul St-Pierre Plamondon from PQ.

It gives them a rare opportunity to discuss their respective visions for the next term directly and privately with the Prime Minister.


However, of the four opposition leaders, Éric Duhaime is the one who needed it most. Certainly a question of toning down his image as a polarizing and reserved politician.

Because he will need it urgently. Recall that in a recent Léger Barometer of political figures, 57% of respondents said they had a bad opinion of the Conservative leader.

The dislike rate is really very high.

For example, if he wants to hold out until the 2026 elections without a single seat in the Blue Room, he needs a calmer image and much greater visibility than a simple meeting with the prime minister.

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