1674938116 A well known PP fighter from Zaragoza and her family die

A well-known PP fighter from Zaragoza and her family die in a head-on collision with designer Mariscal’s brother, who also died

A well known PP fighter from Zaragoza and her family die

It was a head-on collision on Friday evening at kilometer 267 of the N-234 near the town of Torralba de Ribota in Zaragoza, very close to Calatayud. Presumably, the vehicle that Santi Errando Marisca, the brother of the Valencian designer, was driving alone, drove into the oncoming lane, from which Inés Bellido, Director of Special Projects at the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce, came along with her fifth-month-old husband , the professor Tomás Aróstegui of of the Montearagón school in the Aragonese capital and their son Enrique, who will be three years old in March. All died after the accident, which left both cars on fire. When the identity of the deceased became known, dismay spread throughout Aragon.

As the mayor of the municipality of Cervera de la Cañada, Pascual Royo, explained in the local press, Santi Errando Mariscal only lived in the city for two years and came from Madrid, although he was from Valencia. Cervera is 6.5 kilometers from Torralba, where the accident happened.

After the brutal crash at around 9:15 p.m., the emergency services that arrived at the scene were unable to do anything to save her life. Officials of the Guardia Civil have already initiated procedures to clarify the causes of the accident and the fire brigade had to go out to extinguish the flames.

The signs of pain in the Aragonese PP have multiplied this Saturday. And also by other parties, especially in the municipal factions of the Zaragoza City Council, such as the Socialists Lola Ranera or Carmen Herrarte, Citizens Councillor. The President of Aragon, Javier Lambán (PSOE) has joined the avalanche of condolences on social media: “What a terrible tragedy, the traffic accident in Torralba de Ribota. My condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. I’m sending you a word of encouragement along with a big hug. May the earth be light to the victims.”

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