A villainous murderer regains his freedom

A villainous murderer regains his freedom

Killer Robert Gaudette, accused of murdering his wife on April 27, 2000 in Montreal, is now a free man following a recent decision by the Parole Board of Canada.

TVA Nouvelles contacted a family member of the victim, who admits to having experienced agonizing and very difficult times, as did his loved ones, in the face of this situation.

“Obviously we’re lucky he’s lasted this long compared to other killers, but when it comes to us, when it comes to our loved one who was killed, there is clearly a flaw in the system. ‘ admits Marie-Claude Lacasse, the victim’s niece.

Robert Gaudette killed Cindy Bouchard after an argument over Mr Gaudette’s gambling problems and the financial problems caused by this addiction.

He then dumped his wife’s body in a dumpster, leading police to believe that Ms Bouchard had been the target of a kidnapping by a gang demanding payment of gambling debts.

After changing the version a few times, he finally told investigators where the victim’s body was located without admitting the murder. In 2002, he was charged with the second-degree murder of Cindy Bouchard.

He had been sentenced to 12 years of life imprisonment without possibility of parole. In 2006, he admitted killing his wife after suffering a setback in his appeal to the Court of Appeal against the verdict.

Two decades later, Robert Gaudette, now 63, is a completely free man. Ms Bouchard’s family finds the prospect deeply disturbing. According to Marie-Claude Lacasse, time did not heal the wounds of those close to the victim.

“Even 22 years later, it still hurts. This event that is happening arouses many emotions, it takes us back in time. It’s not the number of years that have passed that will change how we feel. It’s like the slap in the face we just got,” she says.

Even if he is released, Robert Gaudette must submit to the condition that he does not appear in gambling dens such as casinos. He is also barred from communicating with members of Ms Bouchard’s family.