A Turkish delegation to the United States to receive F  16 fighter jets

A Turkish delegation to the United States to receive F 16 fighter jets

Published on: 15.08.2022 – 11:03

The suspended supply of fighter jets to Turkey by the United States has been the subject of tensions between the two countries since 2019. But the file is progressing… A Turkish delegation will visit Washington on Monday, August 15th.

With our correspondent in Istanbul, Celine Pierre Magnani

The negotiating room for the Turkish delegation traveling to Washington on Monday promises to be tight. Turkey continues to jostle for the 40 F-16 fighter jets on order to complete its fleet.

But the record has been slipping since 2019. Ankara actually decided to buy a Russian anti-aircraft system, the famous S-400. An initiative that Washington did not like and suspended deliveries of F-35s originally ordered. And since then the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan multiply the arm wrestling to make the United States give in.

The terms required by Congress

President Biden has spoken out in favor of delivering the planes in June from the NATO summit, but its realization will depend on the decision of the US Congress. In fact, senators are demanding that Turkey commit to not using any aircraft in Greek airspace.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense has already announced that it will not be able to accept the condition imposed by the American officials. At this point, only intervention by the Biden administration appears to be able to change the situation.

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