A train through the stadium

A train through the stadium

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IN the world of football there are quite strange stadiums: on a mountain, by the sea or in airports… But football club TJ Tatran Cierny Balog from Slovakia could be the most unusual one. In 2015, a video by Cierny Balog showing a steam train driving through the stadium, on tracks just between the pitch and the only remaining grandstand, went viral on the internet and left many people scratching their heads, but it was real. The ─îiernohronska railway runs right past the stadium and in summer a touristic steam train runs through the stadium and has attracted thousands of tourists.

On foot and with “air conditioning”

Vladislav Barashenkov, host of Garage 54, a popular YouTube channel that focuses on cars, recently went viral for an invention that is as absurd as it is ingenious: a budget version of the Mercedes G-Class luxury SUV made largely out of clear blocks of ice of the time It was mounted on the chassis of an old UAZ 469 military utility vehicle, making the five-ton ice cream SUV manageable.

Charles III is worth 50p

No disrespect to the king, but the new British monarch is worth 50p. The British Royal Mint has issued two new coins depicting King Charles III. presented, created by sculptor Martin Jennings, to appear on newly minted 50p and £5 coins. Following tradition, male monarchs do not wear a crown and show the left face. Elizabeth II will continue to circulate.