A Tinder date turns into a break in

A Tinder date turns into a break-in

As he was about to go on his Tinder date, one man was surprised to see an armed couple show up at the meeting point, according to the New York Post.

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Upon arriving at an Embassy Suites hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona, the man was reportedly greeted by two suspects: Jose Sandoval Jaquez and Crystal Hulsey.

According to a police report, Jaquez pointed a gun at the victim and ordered him to hand over his cell phone and other valuables.

The man was also allegedly forced to give up his ID, PIN code and bank account details.

The victim is said to have been forced to drive to a bank with the two suspects on their instructions. She would have withdrawn $900 at the time. Since the incident, $3,000 has been missing from his account. The couple reportedly fled in the vehicle.

The two suspects were identified by authorities as they used their real identities at the hotel and bank.

police chases

Jose Sandoval Jaquez and Crystal Hulsey drove to California and Las Vegas in the victim’s car while being pursued by police. They would have left the car before fleeing. The vehicle was found on September 25: a weapon was inside.

They found another way to get back to Phoenix.

Later that week, officers came across an online ad for an escort whose phone number matched Crystal Hulsey’s. They arranged to meet her at a hotel.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers attempted to arrest Ms. Hulsey and Mr. Jaquez, who were driving the vehicle, but were unsuccessful. The pair again managed to walk on their heels.

However, their escape was short-lived: they collided with another vehicle while they were on the wrong side of the freeway. They are also said to have stopped another driver while fleeing authorities.

The police were finally able to arrest her.

The couple are facing charges of assault with a gun, armed robbery, robbery and theft of a vehicle.