A thriller TV miniseries about a controversial love triangle is

A thriller TV miniseries about a controversial love triangle is available on Netflix, full of disturbing psychological implications. Agendaonline.it

A psychological thriller mini-series about a controversial love affair full of emotional and psychological contradictions is available on Netflix.

Do you like psychological thrillers with lots of shocking moments and dangerous triangles that you can see all in one go? Here’s a 2021 miniseries about it Netflix which is an interesting offer for you.

behind her eyes‘ directed by the Norwegian director Eric Richterstrandsees the masterful and intense interpretation of Eva Hewson, the actress daughter of beloved U2 frontman Bono Vox. together with her Tom Bateman and Simon Brownwho together create a controversial love bond full of emotional and psychological contradictions.

Between obsession, intrigue, jealousy and night visions, the Netflix Original Production is inspired by the novel of the same name by Sarah Pinborough, with an interesting script by Steve Lightfoot, former creator of The Punisher and author of many episodes of the hit series Hannibal.

As events unfold, it will appear that the story begins to stray from the book, significantly complicating the plot that takes the viewer between unexpected events, twists and turns and an increasingly convincing and captivating interpretation.

A story told from different points of view that ends up making everyone feel guilty in the eyes of others. Without there being redemptions that can be implemented.

The assumptions are all more than positive. And indeed, the miniseries does not disappoint the expectations of the public, which has received it positively since its release and is waiting for a second season.

Without a doubt, thanks to a superlative test, the character of the charming psychiatrist’s wife stands out very much and is even the focus of interest of even the perfect secretary with a controversial psychological identity.

An ending that’s not at all obvious and lots of suspense for this one Netflix production which, weather permitting, should be enjoyed in one breath in its 6 episodes of the first series.

behind her eyes

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We are in a dark toned British environment. There’s the charming psychiatrist David Ferguson, who is married to Adele, a woman who still suffers from the traumas of the past after losing both her parents in an accident that left them charred to death.

But not only.

He spent time in a psychiatric hospital where he rediscovered his old childhood friend Rob, a very controversial personality full of negative facets.

And then there’s a single mother and secretary, Louise, a victim of nightmares and determined to give her existence a new twist, beginning a relationship with the man and an unlikely friendship with his wife.

Where will this dangerous love triangle turn in a crescendo of emotional intensity?

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