1692844601 A tailor made day camp for factory workers in Mauricie

A tailor-made day camp for factory workers in Mauricie

Canadel in Mauricie has just set up a day camp in his company’s courtyard to house employees.

Around fifty children are welcome on the outside area until Friday.

“There is an employee in a meeting who raised her hand and said: “A day camp, that could also be interesting.”

“This idea germinated. With the Canadel Park, we had the opportunity to do this outdoors,” explained Canadel’s CEO and President, André Giguère.

Every summer, management found that leaving their children to look after their children a week before the start of the school year was a headache for their employees. This is a time without day camps or day care.

A tailor made day camp for factory workers in Mauricie

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“In the week before schools, that was always the big deal. We’ve expected it every year,” said Stéphane Arvisais, an employee at Canadel and also a father.

Due to the labor shortage, Canadel could not afford to allow about forty employees to take leave at one time.

“If those people aren’t working, the production line is definitely not efficient. It “cramps” a bit. “Each worker is important for the ‘flow’ in the factory, he helps the production,” said Mr. Giguère.

The day camp was set up about a hundred meters from the company. A closeness appreciated by parents.

They, too, are relieved by this work-family balance. The parents hope that the camp will take place again next year.