A Single Mother’s Cry for Help

A Single Mother’s Cry for Help

A single mother in Mascouche is in despair because the elevator for her son, who is in a wheelchair, has not been working since May.

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Christiane St-Georges, mother of four children, now has to bring her son to the front of the house. Louis-David, 14, has muscular dystrophy and weighs 100 pounds.

“I’m all alone and have four mouths to feed,” exclaims the lady. “Physically it’s difficult too, is there anyone who will pay me for massage therapy, chiropractic?”

The company that maintains the elevator refuses to charge it because the mother has not done any permanent electrical work on the house.

Ms St-Georges explains that she has been looking for an electrician since May without success.

“I called about 150 electricians about a labor shortage and not everyone does that,” she laments in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

The company is also threatening legal action against the mother because she owes the company several thousand dollars.

“They threaten me they won’t come back to recharge the batteries until they get paid,” says Ms. St-Georges.

The mother is impatient for government subsidies so she can keep her head above water and help her son get around in a wheelchair. She hopes the work will be completed before the start of the school year so that her son can return to class with peace of mind.