A second term but why

A second term, but why?

François Legault has the program that comes closest to the aspirations of the majority of Quebecers: prosperity and nationalism. And he has by far the best squad, given his opponents’ recruitment difficulties.

But his campaign failed. The team was never put in the spotlight except during the crazy press conference where François Legault started imagining a council of ministers in the public square.

His campaign also failed because he never managed to speak to Quebecers about the projects and ambitions that motivate him to seek a second term. It’s serious. From mistakes to controversy, the days of campaigning slipped by without François Legault being able to tell Quebecers why he dreams of four more years in power.

Example: Shortly before the campaign, the CAQ had set up a water policy: a blue fund to look after our lakes and rivers. A clever way to resume the offensive on the issue of the environment, in addition to betting on the nationalist fiber: Quebecers vibrate with the beauty of our territory. Never brought up in 36 days of campaigning. Inexplicable.

François Legault can thank heaven that the opposition is so divided. The only party whose leader really hit the mark in the campaign was Paul St-Pierre Plamondon. The PQ surprised with its open and relevant approach. Except that he left with less than 10%…

divided opposition

In short, no opposition party really posed a threat.

I sincerely believed that Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois or Éric Duhaime would steal the show. They are impressive communicators. Both performed decent campaigns but were handcuffed.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was captivated by the radical nature of his programme. Despite superhuman efforts to camouflage the impact of his “revolution” on middle-class wallets, doubts have been sown.

Nevertheless, the campaign was a great success among young people and especially students in urban areas. The big test on Monday will be making progress. In terms of percentage and seats, Québec solidaire needs to do slightly better than the 2018 feat. Otherwise, it’s a disappointing setback.

Eric Duhaime

Éric Duhaime made a solid start to his season. The presence of volunteers was well felt both in the exhibition and in the size of the gatherings. The stories of unpaid taxes (which ended up leading to deflation) seriously upset his rhythm. He never found the same dynamic.

Nor did he provoke the fireworks in the debates that his supporters had expected. Then Éric Duhaime hit a wall: the fact that he had connected with those shocked by the pandemic closed the minds of a large number of voters, even those furthest to the right. However, for the sake of democracy, he would have to win seats.

As for the brave Dominique Anglade, she gracefully carried the torch of a disorganized party that the majority no longer seems to listen to.

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