"A red light court…".  Ivana makes Cannavacciuolo blush at Masterchef

"A red light court…". Ivana makes Cannavacciuolo blush at Masterchef

comfort food. This is the subject of the sixth episode of MasterChef 12, which aired on SkyUno yesterday, January 19th. An episode that did not give us any particular twists, but which undoubtedly gave us some “intense” moments personal confessions by some competitors al red light bowl from Ivana who, without realizing it, embarrassed Antonino Cannavacciuolo.

The episode began, as so often, with an emotional confrontation between the judges and some of the gastronomic talent show’s competitors, who exposed themselves with their statements report (not for everyone pink and flowers) with parents. The argument to clarify is Edward: “My father Enrico – I call him Rico, my father friend – has always been there for me, but he doesn’t always manage to be my support because he suffers from anxiety, depression and bipolar. He’s got them all, so I have to help keep the family together too.” His words not only unleashed Ollivier’s emotions, but also set the tone for “Francescone,” who dropped his fool’s mask for once: “My parents split up, when I was 16, I grew up with my grandmother. She taught us to face life, overcome pain. Until unfortunately it was no longer possible,” he says, visibly enthusiastic.

After the moment of introspection, we begin the first test in the kitchen: the Mystery Box contains 10 preserves made by great chefs, containing the smells and flavors of dishes considered “soothing”. To win the win is Ollivier, but to conquer the scene there are several changes between them hue and the cook Antonino Cannavacciuolo, who took the young Vietnamese chef under his wing. In fact, early in the test, Hue drops some tin cans and comes scolded from the cook: “That’s what happens when you’re not tidy at the train station”. The young woman burst into tears and a few minutes later it was the Michelin three star herself that comforted her: “I trust you. Think of the day you came to Italy alone. Think of that hue, of your strength moment here, it’s nothing compared to that.”

Even the invention test starts with an amusing curtain between Cannavacciuolo and Hue. In fact, the latter admits that she supports Juventus, a message that leaves the chef speechless: “I mean, I care about you and you support Juve? I really didn’t expect that from you,” jokes Cannavacciuolo, a notorious Napoli fan . A sketch repeated throughout the evening when it is discovered that Roberto, Bubu and Leonardo are also Juventus fans. Always during the second round we experience the highest moments of the evening. Aspiring chefs are struggling to create one Gourmet Rice Balls inspired by host Jacopo Mercuro, award-winning owner of Roman pizzeria 180 grams.

Sara, Roberto and Ivana slip onto the supplì, not without moments of embarrassment in front of the judges. According to Bruno Barbieri, Roberto’s dish is not at all up-to-date: “It’s the first mappazzone of the season – exclaims chef Emiliano angrily – in fact it’s a ‘boazza’ that’s even worse”. The embarrassment triggered by the taste of Ivana’s creation, which involuntarily produced a by serving her supplì, is of a completely different nature phallic shape. Antonino Cannavacciuolo struggles to hold back his laughter. The exchange of jokes with the aspiring chef, which emphasizes the title of the dish: “Things that stay,” doesn’t help either. “So you won’t help me,” replies Cannavacciuolo unleashed cheerfulness of the other competitors.

The second part of the episode takes place outdoors, precisely in Terni, at the foot of the Waterfall Marble. Here the two teams, led by Bubu and Silvia, have to feed the demanding locals with various traditional dishes. In the end, the team led by Silvia wins despite moments of tension between her and her brigade during the test. In the Pressure Test we return to comfort food: this time the competitors have to be inspired Minestrone by Chef Barbieri. Hue’s and Roberto’s dishes were much appreciated, both enhanced by Cannavacciuolo. Hue says he followed his father’s recipe and returned to the topic that opened the episode: “I never cooked for my father, he’s a very strict person. I’ve never told my parents that I love them, I’ve never hugged them, but I feel like sometimes I need hugs,” admits the candidate. The Campania chef always replies, “I’m sure that your mom and dad brag about you to other people.” Instead, it should go home Ivan: too many bugs in his minestrone.