A Quebecer was crowned snowmobile world champion

A Quebecer was crowned snowmobile world champion

It was an unusual feat for Sabrina Blanchet to be crowned World Snowmobile Champion in the Vintage 440 Super Mod category on Sunday on the icy speedway of the famous Oval Course in Eagle River, Wisconsin. .

At the finish line, she beat 11 opponents, all men, who faced her in a tough ten-round final.

“This is definitely one of the best wins of my career and bodes well for the rest of the season,” Blanchet said in a phone interview with the Journal.

The winner was part of a peloton of originally 59 participants, including another woman.

Blanchet learned very early not only to compete with men, but also to get ahead of them on the track.

“I’ve never been intimidated by boys, although some must find it special to be doubled over by a girl. I’ve always earned the respect of my opponents.

tough conversations

The eventful finale on Sunday caused particularly heated debates.

Numerous accidents forced the race management to hoist the red flag several times.

“At first I was hit, but fortunately there was no damage and I was able to continue. After that I was able to avoid collisions and keep my pursuers behind me,” said the 26-year-old, who led nine of the ten laps of the event.

In addition to his triumph in the Vintage 440 Super Mod category, he also achieved three other wins [dans des catégories inférieures] and also reached the podium [2e et 3e positions] on two other occasions.

Big ambitions in Valcourt

This performance comes at a very good time for Blanchet, who will return to the Grand Prix de Valcourt, which the pandemic has had to cancel for the past two years.

“I have fond memories of my last visit to Valcourt,” recalls the Drummondville resident. In 2020 I was 2nd in the Premier Pro Champ category on Saturday. This year, however, I’m aiming for wins in front of parents, friends and sponsors. It is my goal.”

Note that the Vintage category, which gave him his championship title on Sunday, returns to the program of the 40th Grand Prix de Valcourt (February 10-12) after several years of absence.

“The goal is obviously to win, even if the competition is very strong, like in the vintage class,” she added.

It should compete in the Pro Champ events at Boonville and then Eganville, two races scheduled ahead of Valcourt in a few weeks.

Blanchet immersed himself in the world of snowmobile racing from an early age. His grandfather, Gaston Ferland, was one of the discipline’s tenors in the 1960s and 1970s.