A probably unpublished painting by Picasso depicting Hitler has come to light in Italy

A probably unpublished painting by Picasso depicting Hitler has come to light in Italy

Italian experts have unearthed what they believe to be a likely work by Picasso, with which the Spanish artist wanted to pay homage to his friend, the also German painter Paul Klee, and in which he is represented caricatures the dictator Adof Hitler and now they hope that further studies can prove its authenticity.

Annalisa Di Maria, an art expert and member of the Expert Committee on Art and Literature at the UNESCO Center in Florence, who recently presented the work, assured EFE that “at this time the work cannot be attributed with certainty to Picasso, and it certainly can the painting must be further examined”but in his opinion there is no doubt that it is a work by the painter from Malaga.

For Di Maria it is a painting that Picasso gave to Klee, one of the most persecuted artists of the German regime, although it cannot be found in any of the catalogs of stolen or confiscated works of the so-called “degenerate art”. to be a “very uncomfortable” painting because the point was to ridicule the figure of the “Fuhrer” and it was better to hide it.

Klee and Picasso were friends and admired each other and met at least twice, so much so that in 1914 Klee did a work to pay homage to Picasso and it is believed that the Spanish painter wished to replace it with this painting, which now belongs to a private collection of an Italian family whose ancestor worked at a railway station where it is believed it might be found.

According to the first studies carried out on the pigments at the University of Ascoli Piceno (central Italy), the work entitled “The Eye of the Snake” – due to the rattlesnake that marks the contour of the dictator’s face – It was dated between 1935 and be classified in 1937.

Di María explains that if the artist’s authorship is verified It would be an extraordinary discovery. it would also be a great example of Picasso’s great opposition and struggle against Hitler.

In this work, Hitler is ‘caricatured’ by including some elements that were not tolerated by the Führer and the Nazi regime, such as facial makeup, lipstick and a pipe, as Hitler hated tobacco. While the word “Silence” is written on the lips could have different interpretations, such as the will to keep the work secretto prevent the author from being prosecuted by the Nazis or being prosecuted and censored by the regime.

Although the work is unsigned, after analyzing this written word, the experienced calligrapher Stefano Fortunati emphasized that the initial ‘S’ is consistent with Picasso’s writing style.

For the Italian expert, there are many elements that indicate Pablo Picasso’s handwriting, such as the shape of the eyes or the lips. which are “equal” to those found in the draft he made of Iósif Stalin, although the painting is a “hybrid” between the painterly characteristics of the Málaga artist and those of Klee, as it was intended as a gift to the German artist.

In addition, according to Di Maria, analysis of the painting revealed that there were chemical elements then used by Picasso that over time caused them to discolour somewhat and had to be retouched.

The work deserves to be known, re-studied and seen by other experts to appreciate its importance. As a critic of National Socialism, he is undoubtedly one of the most important works of the 20th century. A testament to dissidence, bearer of the truth of the horrors committed by one of the bloodiest dictators in history. Only a genius and a master of expressionism with a deep sense of poignant irony could have created such a painting.”