A private aqueduct upsets in Saint Elie de

A private aqueduct upsets in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton

A succession causes discontent in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, where the residents of the Domaine des Bouleaux blancs find themselves at an impasse with their private aqueduct.

In the past two years, these citizens have had to boil their water before drinking it.

“The sources of Saint-Élie are less than 5 kilometers away. It’s water that’s recognized as some of the best, and I can’t even get drinkable water out of my faucet. It’s really not easy with a day care center at home,” says one of the residents, Angie Trudel.

The case is far from over. Revenu Québec has been in charge of the private aqueduct since the death of the domaine’s owner, Mr. Tousignant. As the executor of the will, the authority assumes the costs for the continuation of the water distribution.

These sums will soon be demanded from the users of the aqueduct, that is, from about twenty houses.

TVA Nouvelles has learned that the Deputy Mayor has just learned of the existence of the Revenu Québec file. However, the authorities have been wanting to hand over the aqueduct to the community for months. No agreement was reached. The city manager allegedly failed to pass the information on to the council. But the mayor wants to calm down.

“It takes permits, and when we talk about permits, it takes time. But we won’t let them down,” commented Deputy Mayor Christiane Forcier.

Meanwhile, the hands of the residents of the Domaine des Bouleaux blancs are tied. They have no choice but to wait for their bill in the mail next month and hope for development with the community.