A polar bear kills a woman and cub, shock in an Alaskan village

A polar bear kills a woman and cub, shock in an Alaskan village

The News Organization Alaska State Troopers states that a Icebear attacked and killed two people in a remote village in western Alaska. State police issued a report that the animal attacked the two civilians around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday on the western tip of the Seward Peninsula.


“First reports indicate that it is a polar bear He had invaded the village community and was pursuing other residents‘ the police wrote. “The bear fatally attacked a woman and a boy.”

The bear was shot and killed by a local resident when he attacked the couple, according to local authorities. The names of the two people killed were not released. The military said they were working to notify family members. The soldiers and the state Department of Fish and Game plan to travel to the community as soon as the weather permits, according to the press release.

The name of the small village is Wales: This is a predominantly Inupiaq community with approx 150 peoplejust over 100 miles northwest of Nome.


Fatal polar bear attacks have been rare in Alaska’s recent history. In 1990 a polar bear killed a man further north in Wales, in the village point location. Biologists later said the animal showed signs of starvation, the Anchorage Daily News reported.

In 2019, Alaska scientists from the US Geological Survey found that changes in sea ice habitat coincided with evidence that polar bears were increasing land use and that the likelihood of a polar bear encounter had increased.