A place in the sun, shocking revelations: a beloved character ready to say goodbye          ​​​​​​

A place in the sun, shocking revelations: a beloved character ready to say goodbye ​​​​​​

Much anticipation for the brand new episodes of Un Posto al Sole, which will resume after the summer break on August 29th

With a real twist, the episodes of ended in mid-August A place in the Sun. The well-known and much appreciated Neapolitan soap opera by Rai Tre is going on vacation and will leave everyone holding their breath.

throwThe cast of Un Posto al Sole (Instagram)

From today, Un Posto al Sole will be stopping for two weeks for the usual midsummer break. The brand new episodes will continue in the usual early evening time Monday 29 Augustexactly in two weeks.

As mentioned, the last episode, last Friday’s, ended on a dramatic note, to say the least. Lello Valsanoa criminal on the run from the police, plotted revenge on the judge Eugenio Nicotera wildly shoots at his wife Viola Bruni and (presumably) also hits the young Susanna Picardi.

The Un Posto al Sole Revival Previews: What Will Become of Viola and Susanna?

A real exciting finale of Un Posto al Sole. Now the curiosity of the most eager public turns to the health of the two women involved. Will Viola and Susanna get hurt? Or has something more serious happened?

No official spoilers have been leaked from the production. Alone Ilenia Lazarin He spiced up the story even more: “Final with a bang, who’s in next season? Who met Valsano? Three shots…”

According to the well-informed, it cannot be ruled out that One of Viola Bruni and Susanna Picardi may have been shot hurled by Lello Valsano. A sensational and unexpected departure in sight? Anything is possible, because the authors of Un Posto al Sole have often surprised the audience with original ideas.

The final death of viola as the stepfather’s wife would stage an unbelievable family drama in the Giordano house Raffaele has already left the scene this way. To the Suzanne Instead, it would be the second accident in just a few months after driver Mattia’s attack last year. More will surely be known in 2 weeks when Un Posto al Sole returns to brighten the evenings of millions of passionate Italians.