A pensioner is offered a dog to overcome loneliness he

A pensioner is offered a dog to overcome loneliness: he kills the animal that same evening

The essentials In Belgium, a pensioner suffering from loneliness has launched an appeal to collect a pet. A couple decided to give her their dog. The animal is slaughtered a few hours later.

It’s a story that had all the idyll and finally ends in excitement and horror. In Belgium, a pensioner killed a dog he had just been offered on the pretext that the animal barked too much. The dog – a Maltese – had been donated by a couple.

In fact, this seventy-year-old, who lives in an official apartment in Wanze, not far from Liège (Belgium), made an appeal to the Belgian press. The retiree revealed that he is suffering from his loneliness and would like a pet: “I no longer have any messages from my family or friends. I don’t see anyone here anymore. The presence of an animal is so comforting,” explained the interested party to our colleagues at Sud Info. The pensioner later published another message on social media, explaining that he has been wasting away since the death of his last dog, Bouba.

The slaughtered animal

This appeal did not go unnoticed by some Belgians who decided to make their dog seventy years old. Last Monday, January 23, the latter traveled no less than 200 kilometers by road to offer the animal – baptized “slipper” –: “We absolutely wanted to help this lonely gentleman,” testifies Mathias. The meeting proceeds as normally as possible: the pensioner is touched and even invites the couple to his home.

A few hours after handing over the dog to the pensioner, the couple decides to contact the animal’s new owner to find out how his adjustment is going. The seventy-year-old then explains to them that the dog hasn’t stopped barking and that he can’t take it anymore himself. The victim then decided to cut the Maltese bichon’s throat. The dog was found in agony with the seventy-year-old. The couple decided to recover the animal’s body and bury it in their garden. The pensioner must leave his official residence.