A new SuperFrancoFete J

A new SuperFrancoFête | J

A show with dozens of artists from a dozen French-speaking countries and baptized SuperFrancoFête, like the mythical event of the 1970s, will be presented on September 1st at the Agora de Québec before being broadcast around the world The newspaper.

This big meeting, conceived by Sismyk, the music department of the Quebec company ComediHa!, aims to be a celebration of the French language, explains the director and producer of his television adaptation, Jean-François Blais (La Voix, Live from the Universe ,nationale holiday shows). “We have to promote our language,” he says.

According to the latter, this project was up in the air before the pandemic. The title is just meant to be a nod to the 1974 Superfrancofête, a festival where Félix Leclerc, Gilles Vigneault and Robert Charlebois had teamed up on the Plains of Abraham to present the show: I saw the wolf, the fox, the Lion. We have no plans to create a similar event.

Classics and Discoveries

The names of the artists, hosts and partners as well as all information about the ticket issue will be announced at a press conference in early August.

Accompanied by about twenty musicians and choristers, Scott Price will musically direct this show, which will showcase young talent from French-speaking countries and territories in America, Europe and Africa.

As with the National Day performances produced by Sismyk, performers are invited to sing in duets and trios.

“We want a mix of great French songs and discoveries. The current sound is very important to us. We have pop and rap from Belgium, from Africa. It’s a complete business card,” explains Jean-François Blais.

to see Quebec

The 2000s version of SuperFrancoFête will become an annual event, the organizers wish.

Why did you choose the Agora over the Plains of Abraham? “See Quebec first,” the director replies.

“Since we’re going to have a worldwide broadcast, it was important to see the city. A large property full of trees, it could be anywhere. On the agora you can see the river and have a breathtaking view of the Château Frontenac. There are exceptional postcard opportunities on this site. »