A new scandal rolls over William: "your bank…"

A new scandal rolls over William: "your bank…"

That Prince William Danger of being overwhelmed by a new scandal. The Duke has been fighting climate change and global warming for years, but the Royal Foundation, which he founded with Prince Harry and Kate Middleton in 2009 and whose projects include campaigns to protect the environment, has been the focus of journalistic research by the Associated Press, picked up from the Guardian. A situation that could seriously embarrass the future King of England and undermine his conservation efforts.

In defense of the planet

there Royal Foundation Among the numerous initiatives to protect the environment, promotes the Earthshot Prize, which has been awarded every year since 2021 to five winners who have distinguished themselves in the field of environmental protection. Distinguished personalities receive £1 million to continue their work. Prince William is delighted to receive this recognition, which is a kind of culmination of his efforts to defend our planet. The idea was born in view of the new generations that will have to live on earth. William said, “Ten years from now I’ll be able to look my kids in the eye and tell them I’ve done all sorts of things.”

The name of the prize comes from the name moonshot, as President JF Kennedy’s 1962 speech at Rice University that launched the 10-year plan for landing on the moon was called. This year, the Earthshot Prize is even coming to the United States, to Boston, as the Duke announced via social media on July 20: “In 2022, we are bringing the Earthshot to the United States, where we will announce the next five winners awarded.” William and Kate are already planning a trip to the US for next December, but all of this effort risks being branded with the notorious accusation of hypocrisy Earthshot, like all environmental initiatives in Cambridge, is funded by the Royal Foundation, which is now in the center of a media scandal.

Fossil fuels

An Associated Press investigation found that the Royal Foundation would rely on US bank JP Morgan Chase for its investments. The giant would support the fossil fuel industry through loans and bonds. A deep contradiction to the ideals and projects to protect nature promoted by Duke of Cambridge.

The Royal Foundation apparently had a deposit of more than £1million in Jp Morgan Chase back in 2021. But it wouldn’t end there. The Associated Press investigation also highlighted that the charity could count on a £1.7million fund managed by Cazenov Capital, a British company that would have shares in industries involved in the palm oil trade deforestation.

If all this were proven, it would be a very serious damage to Prince William’s image. Kensington Palace did not remain silent in the face of the allegations. A spokesman told The Guardian: “The Royal Foundation has followed the Church of England guidelines on ethical investing since 2015” and takes “investment guidelines very seriously”, which are regularly reviewed. The allegations have been returned to sender, but the matter may not be forgotten anytime soon, especially as other details and evidence emerge to support the Associated Press thesis.