Mother in law involved Cher is said to have paid for her

A mother-in-law involved: Cher would have paid for her son’s kidnapping – Le Journal de Québec

American singer Cher apparently paid four men to kidnap her son Elijah Blue Allman in 2022 while he was in a New York hotel room with his wife.

In court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Cher’s daughter-in-law, Marie Angela King, accuses the famous singer of plotting to kidnap her own son in November 2022 while they were staying at a New York hotel to try to resuscitate their wedding.

Allman and King married in 2013 and separated in 2020; In 2021, Allman initiated divorce proceedings, which are still pending.

In the reports signed by Marie Angela King on December 4, 2022, she states that from November 18 to November 30, 2022, the day on which four men were said to be living, she spent twelve days alone with Elijah Blue Allman in a room at the Big Apple burst in before kidnapping Cher’s son. As they left, one of the kidnappers reportedly mentioned that he had been hired by Allman’s mother.

As King signed her statement, she said she “did not know where her husband was or what condition he was in,” then added that he had been “taken to a treatment center, where his whereabouts were not disclosed.” became”.

At the time of writing, Cher has not commented on the situation and the motives behind the charges against her remain unclear.

Consumer problems

In 2014, Elijah Blue Allman opened up to Entertainment Tonight about his drug problems, which began when he was just 11 years old. After cannabis and ecstasy, he says, he turned to heroin and other powerful opioids.

A few months into divorce proceedings with Marie Angela King in 2021, he hit rock bottom when staff at the Château Marmont, a popular Hollywood establishment where he had been staying for several months, found him lying unconscious on the floor of the hotel entrance.