1673865204 A mother helps stop a criminal group that has been

A mother helps stop a criminal group that has been recruiting and drugging girls to abuse them

One of the detainees in a Guardia Civil image.One of the detainees in a Guardia Civil image.

A mother was key for the Valencia Civil Guard to arrest two men, search for another and investigate a fourth suspect for being part of a criminal group that recruited minors housed in her home and used psychotropic substances to Abuse and sex received relationships with them later.

The Alike operation began in late June last year as a result of the filing of a complaint over the disappearance of two girls in the Valencian region of La Safor, the Civil Guard said in an informative note on Monday.

The mother of one of the victims pretended to be a minor and came into contact with one of the detainees, which enabled the young women to be located. They stayed for a week in a house occupied by the detainees in Gandia, where they were drugged and had sex with several men. The armed institute itself describes the mother’s cooperation as “vital”.

The prisoner contacted by the mother tried to arrest her. The Valencia Civil Guard then took the opportunity to launch a police operation and located the place where the girls were, who were taken to the Gandia Hospital and handed over to the people in charge of their care, as soon as possible injuries and poisoning were identified were found.

The Civil Guard has declined to report whether the detainees and the victims, as well as the mother of one of them, have contacted them through social media. Because they are minors and to protect their rights, the availability of data and details about the case is restricted, Civil Guard sources told the newspaper. The investigators are still waiting for the possible involvement of other perpetrators and victims.

According to the investigations, the members of this criminal group recruited minors, offered them shelter in the house they lived in the city of Gandia and provided them with psychotropic substances in order to later have sexual relations both with them and with other men whom they visited place of life.

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At the end of October, two of the alleged perpetrators of the incidents were arrested and the search for another member of the criminal group is ongoing. Those arrested were two men, aged 50 and 37, while the young man who has yet to be located and arrested is 20 years old. A 43-year-old man, who is being held in Picassent prison (Valencia), is also under investigation for these incidents.

All are credited with the crimes of sexual abuse of minors and the case has been submitted to the Court of First Instance and Order Number 3 of Gandia.