A mother at the end of her possibilities for her

A mother at the end of her possibilities for her child with special needs –

A single mother from Trois-Rivières is out of breath. She no longer knows where to turn to get help for her 4-year-old boy, who has severe behavioral problems.

The little one was recently excluded from his CPE, even though he had been there since he was 9 months old.

He finds it difficult to deal with his emotions.

To get attention, he may throw objects, bite, scratch, and growl, according to his mother.

When the boy heard the news, he cried and regretted that he could not see his friends again.

Her mother filed a complaint with the Family Ministry, which confirmed that “she was treated by the regional directorate.” [Mais qu’]it appears that the CPE acted in accordance with its expulsion policy,” the ministry confirmed via email.

She then enrolled him in a private school for 4-year-old kindergarten: after 48 hours he was expelled from school again.

“I’m a bit emotional, I also have problems sleeping. “I wake up at night and the hamster is spinning,” says the mother, who also fears for her job, which she has already given up several times.

“If we don’t provide the necessary help, this child will be expelled from school again. What will happen? Well, the child will be at home. There is a father or mother who does not go to work to take care of their child, and in Quebec there are already more than 1,000 children who are home-schooled but who experience a disruption in schooling. », for her part, emphasized the spokesperson of the official education opposition and liberal MP Marwah Rizqy.

After applying to a CLSC last year, the little boy finally met with a psychopedagogue a few times, so far without success.

In addition, psychoeducator Mélanie Bilodeau sees several parents in the same situation and believes that it is normal for a child to show such signs at a certain point.

“It makes me deeply uncomfortable when we label four-year-old children who are still fully developing,” she said. Your brain is still very immature. When it comes to regulating emotions, it is still difficult at this age. Yes, there is resistance, impulsiveness, aggressiveness. We see a lot of this in 4-year-old children and it’s normal.”

She also believes that more resources should be put into daycare centers or even 4-year-old kindergartens so that children can receive quick and consistent care.