A month after the birth of her children Isa Scherer

A month after the birth of her children, Isa Scherer posts a picture of her stomach and followers identify with the area…


The size of the MasterChef champion’s belly during pregnancy attracted attention

By Julia Beraldi

02.10.2022 12:12 BRT

02.10.2022 12:12 BRT

Photo: Instagram/ Isa SchererPhoto: Instagram/ Isa SchererJulia Beraldi

MasterChef Brazil champions Isa Schererwho gave birth to twins Treasure and bento A month ago, this Saturday (1st), she showed on Instagram how her stomach is after the birth of her children. The artist’s attitude to depicting motherhood in real life was praised by many followers who identified with her.

“Great that you show the reality of motherhood and the marks it leaves on our bodies,” commented one follower. “As a mother of twins, I am very happy that you show the reality,” praised another. “I love that you show reality, Isa… You look even more beautiful,” said one netizen. “My gut was like that too, I had a lot of trouble accepting that,” said another. “Realistic woman! No romanticizing,” concluded another.

The photo of the abdominal region, which is still very flabby but is returning to normal, is one of the photo sequences that Isa released to show her weekend of random recording. The influencer recorded the stretch marks without taboos and showed that the belly button has not yet returned to normal “Saturday,” she wrote in the caption.

is a is the daughter of the swimmer Xuxa and during the pregnancy she got an impressive belly, so it is to be expected that the woman will need a while to get back to the body she had before the pregnancy. The actress was there last Thursday (29). Isabella Scherer charmed the internet by sharing details of Bento e Mel’s first birthday, the fruits of her relationship with Rodrigo Calazans.