A mechanical failure in the car brought in a lottery

A mechanical failure in the car brought in a lottery jackpot; Understanding history revistaconcursosbrasil.com.br

A curious and unusual case occurred in the United States. A man has won a jackpot in the lottery after his car had a mechanical failure on the road. Because of this, he accepted the $100,000 prize, approximately R$540,000. Understand what this story was like, where everything could go wrong but got a happy ending.

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Someone in this situation would not have even thought that a mechanical problem in the car could end so well! Because the vehicle overheated, the man had to stop his car on the street. It was at this point that he decided to enter a Gasey’s General Store in the town of Doniphan.

US lottery jackpot

Everything was supposed to go wrong that day, but in the end the mechanical failure was a turning point in this man’s life. As he stopped at the curb to wait for the vehicle to cool down, he had the brilliant idea of ​​buying a ticket from the lottery Instant called “Fun 5s”.

The decision was without pretext. He said he was just buying time, so he found something to entertain him while he waited for the car to cool down so he could examine it. After taking the ticket, the man said he asked the vendor to scan it to see if he had won anything.

What the guy did not know: luck was with him, even if at first the situation was very unhappy because of the unexpected problem with the car. The seller took the ticket and was in for a big surprise. The man found out that he had taken a hefty sum with him forgive lottery with this purchase.

The emergency stop earned him the prize of US$100,000, which is approximately R$540,000. “She told me I won $100,000 and I was like… Holy Mother of God! I think that was my day,” the winner commented.

Of course, the man had no doubts. Part of the profit is used to buy a new car even if the old one already has it happiness to him. The winner has promised to present himself with a better vehicle.