A mans body travels 900 km in a trains toilets

A man’s body travels 900 km in a train’s toilets

Railway police discovered the body thanks to a warning from passengers on the train who were concerned about a “disgusting” smell.

A macabre discovery and many unanswered questions. This Sunday, October 30, the lifeless body of a man was found in the toilets of a train connecting the cities of Saharsa and Amritsar through the north of the country in India.

As SudInfo reports, it was the railway police who found the body after traveling more than 900 kilometers. Agents had been alerted by several passengers who had smelled a “really disgusting smell” coming from the toilets. “The toilet door was locked from the inside and when we opened it we discovered the body,” said railroad police officer Ram Sahay, quoted by Belgian media.

“We still don’t know anything about this man”

According to the initial findings of the investigation, which was launched to understand the course of events and to obtain information about the deceased, he had been dead for several hours when the railway police found him. The person is said to have fallen into a coma after locking himself in the toilet. In all probability he then died of starvation.

For now, however, many mysteries remain, starting with the victim’s identity, which is in a state of decomposition. “We still do not know anything about this man, official Ram Sahay confirmed. The investigators are therefore concentrating their research on the region from which the train departed, where photos of the deceased were published.

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