A Lagoa Azul actress says she was abused early in

‘A Lagoa Azul’ actress says she was abused early in her career Splash

Actress Brooke Shields, best known for the film The Blue Lagoon, reported that she was sexually abused at a young age in 1987.

According to information from Entertainment Weekly, she gave details of what happened in her new documentary entitled Pretty Baby. The production premiered last Friday (20) at the Sundance Festival in the United States.

Brooke did not reveal the identity of the perpetrator but said the crime happened while she was trying to return to Hollywood. She would have been invited by the man to talk about projects. They went to a hotel together.

At the scene, Brooke says the man went away for a while and came back naked. “I was afraid of being strangled or something,” she said. “I didn’t fight that hard. I didn’t fight. I was totally frozen, I thought a ‘no’ should have been enough,” he reported.

“And I just thought, ‘Stay alive and go.’ And I just hung up. God knows how I knew how to get out of my body. I had practiced it,” the actress explained.

In the documentary, Brooke affirms that for a long time she did not process what happened as sexual violence.