1672713812 A Grande Familias Beicola pokes fun at his situation and

A Grande Família’s Beiçola pokes fun at his situation and reveals which actors helped him

This Monday (2) A Tarde É Sua aired an interview with Marcos Oliveira, best known as Beiçola in A Grande Família (20012014). On the RedeTV!

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“When you really needed help, when you appealed on the internet and on TV shows, people often asked, ‘Why don’t the people of A Grande Família help too?’ Someone has contacted you. the hand?” asked Sonia Abrão.

Without hesitation, the veteran replied: “Yes, Marco Nanini, Lucinho [Lucio Mauro Filho]… Well, I don’t know the rest.” He had previously revealed that at the time of recording the people with the greatest affinity for Nanini were Pedro Cardoso and Guta Stresser.

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In the afternoon Marcos Oliveira explained that he currently has no contact with the actors of A Grande Família and spoke about his current situation. He explained that he never had a contract with Globo and that his bonds were only for work. Regarding his desire to continue working, he said that he is still available for invitations and would even agree to stay at the RioSão Paulo Airlift.

The interpreter from Beiçola also said that during the Covid19 pandemic, his economic reserves ran out and he lived in a large apartment that was expensive to rent. He then moved to a smaller apartment for which he pays less. “I’m trying to pay the bills, save a little money, I want to do my thing, make a living,” he said.

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Marcos Oliveira, known as Beiçola, has already made several appeals

Marcos Oliveira smiles and poses for a photo

Marcos Oliveira, 66, has used his social media to ask for financial help on numerous occasions. In October, the actor even lamented his situation: “Hey guys, I know it’s so hard to keep asking, I know it’s getting boring.”

“At the end of the month I have to pay the rent, which already includes water, electricity and gas. And the special medication for my final treatment only help me a little? Now I just need the ostomy bag in and I’m free to work,” he said.

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Since the release of his Pix Key on the internet, thanks to the help of Tatá Werneck, the actor has been able to afford his medical treatments and is on a health plan.