1653284995 A giant awakens AC Milan are champions of Italy

A giant awakens: AC Milan are champions of Italy

A giant awakens AC Milan are champions of Italy

“We will be a team of devils. Our colors will be red as fire and black as the fear we will instill in our opponents,” said Herbert Kilpin, the first captain in the history of the AC Milan and one of the founders of the club. During the last decade this phrase had lost its value, but today that has changed and is more present than ever.

The “Rossonero” team, the team that has won 7 Champions League titles, has woken up. Italy goes red and black because Milan are the new Serie A champions. Eleven years had to pass to add another “Scudetto”: Paul Maldini he put on a jacket and tie Zlatan Ibrahimovic He returned from the United States and fans resisted several blows such as the departure of “Gigio” Donnarumma. All of this had to happen in order to return to fame.

AC Milan won their 19th Italian First Division title. Photo: AFP

However, this title wasn’t just given, it wasn’t developed overnight and even less was it a matter of luck. It was a matter of trial and error until I hit the right button. So many people walked through the benches, the grass, and the desks, but none knew how to counteract the demise of the being.

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Paolo Maldini, the eternal captain of Milan

What happened to change all this? Paolo Maldini arrived. You can’t say your name without thinking of Milan, and vice versa. The most successful man in Red and Black history decided to return to his loved ones’ club, no longer on the pitch, now in the offices, to try to get him out of the misery he was and get him back to where he was be deserved.

Today you can say with your head held high that you are on the verge of achieving it. Because winning the “Calcio” was customary for the “Rossonero”. His main goal was always the same: to raise the Orejona. It’s difficult at the moment, but the first step has already been taken: dominating Italian football.

Paolo Maldini is the player who has worn AC Milan’s shirt the most with 902 appearances. Photo: AFP composition

As a footballer, Maldini knows that the forms and processes, if followed and respected, yield positive results. That’s why he bet and never doubted Stefan Pioli. He chose and supported him when fans and media criticized his appointment for not being a top manager. The same happened with the signatures. With his meager purse, he did magic and installed players who are already figures.

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Mr Stefano Pioli

Stefano Pioli arrived in Milan through the wrong door without anyone believing in him. People ignored him because his cover letter contained zero titles in the twelve clubs he went through. He came to replace Gennaro Gattuso, who resigned after failing to achieve his goal: qualifying for the Champions League.

Pioli was a foot and a half outside the club before football halted due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, even local media said the board had reached an agreement with Ralf Rangnick. In the end it didn’t happen and time proved him right. Stefano was able to achieve his goal: return to the Champions League.

Stefano Pioli has won his first title as a coach since his Salernitana debut in 2003. Photo: AFP

Not only that, he struggled inch by inch with Inter in the 2020/21 season, plus the red-black line-up emerged as winter champions, but in the second part of the domestic tournament he fell and finished second. That didn’t happen in this course; On the contrary, the side have stood up and learned from setbacks, and much of that is thanks to 56-year-old DT’s management.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic, “The Boss”

Zlatan’s return was crucial for the team to regain its essence. Someone who has shared a dressing room with Alessandro Nesta, Gennaro Gattuso, Clarence Seedorf, Andrea Pirlo, champions of everything, knows very well what it means to defend the jersey of the team with the second most wins in Europe.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic became Italian champion for the second time with Milan, for the first time in the 2010/11 season. Photo: EFE

His leadership in the dressing room and his ambition to win at 40 have been taken over by the younger ones, who call him “The Boss”. Ibrahimovic He played a more psychological role than in football, as he spent more time in the operating room than on the pitch. However, the mere fact that he was visiting the stadiums was a boost to his other teammates.

Trusting youth: Leão and Tonalli

Pioli found the eleven game after game, but Milan had two pillars. One is Rafael Leão, who was voted best footballer in “Calcio”. The Portuguese finished the course with 11 goals and 10 assists. the other was Sandro Tonali, avowed fan and jewel of Italian football. His presence in midfield as the main engine was the key for the ‘Rossoneri’ to become champions.

Rafael Leão joined AC Milan in 2019 from Lille, France. Photo: Twitter/EFE

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Mike Maignan left Donnarumma completely forgotten when he was voted best goalkeeper of the season. Fikayo Tomori-Pierre Kalulu duo was the surprise of the year as both established themselves as regular centre-backs. The full-backs also stood out: Calabria, a player trained at the club, and Theo Hernández, a beast on the left wing.

Rebić also played a fundamental role, but his graduation wasn’t as expected and he ended up transferring. Also of note is Olivier Giroud, who scored 11 goals in Serie A; Key goals, like his brace against Sassuolo today, May 22nd.

Thousands of Milan fans flocked to Piazza del Duomo, the city’s main square, to celebrate the title. Photo: AFP

Today the city of Milan is celebrating and the red and black fans know it. What’s next for him? AC Milan? Keep competing to try and get the “eighth”.