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A four-year-old victim was ‘elevated to the rank of sex object’ – The Sun

“He elevated her to the rank of sex object,” said Me Valérie Simard-Croteau of the Granby Courthouse prosecutor during the sentencing hearing.

In addition to the crimes committed, Claude Carignan, who emerged from a detention center via videoconference, produced child pornography.

The “extremely vulnerable” victim was in foster families at the time and the now 51-year-old defendant represented a person of trust.

He would break into his room to engage in “extremely intrusive” acts, the Crown said.

Me Valérie Simard-Croteau, criminal and criminal defense attorney.

However, Me Simard-Croteau stressed that the accused cooperated well with the authorities and admitted his guilt very early on, without demanding either a preliminary investigation or a release.

“He seems to be in that mindset [NB : de reconnaissance et de réhabilitation]’ Me Simard-Croteau said, and he doesn’t downplay the consequences of his crimes, although he ‘still lacks understanding of the offences’.

“It warrants the potential to address this issue,” she added.


“He knows he’s ill and doesn’t regret the harsh penalties,” Me Geneviève Cardin said of the defense.

“I myself see a development in his thinking.”

Me Geneviève Cardin defended the accused.

Mr Carignan, who lived in Granby, has not had access to treatment for his sexual deviation since his jail in February 2021 and “he is just looking for it,” Me Cardin said.

The parties have also recommended that he be held in La Macaza Penitentiary, which specializes in this type of treatment.

“It is a severe sentence, but it combines all the aims of such a sentence and this type of crime,” said the defense.


Judge Julie Beauchesne of the Quebec Court accepted the parties’ joint recommendation.

“These are crimes that we must speak out loud and clear,” she said. But actually, since 2021 you have admitted all this. That’s a reasonable suggestion given your mitigating factors.”

“There is a diagnosis of pedophilia, which is not exclusive,” the judge said. We’ve passed the curiosity stage that brought you to child pornography websites. You have become the perpetrator and there is always interest. Get the tools you need to tackle this problem.”

The judge reminded the defendant that he once had “a decent life” and that he could “become an asset to society again.”

Given the time the defendant spent in pre-trial detention before his sentencing, he remains in prison for nearly seven years.

Claude Carignan, who had no criminal record, was also put on the sex offender register for 20 years. After his release from detention, he is prohibited from approaching or communicating with minors or the victim.