A first circuit in the majors for Charles Leblanc

A first circuit in the majors for Charles Leblanc

In his second career game in Major League Baseball, Quebec’s Charles Leblanc hit his first home run on Sunday.

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The Miami Marlins’ third baseman pulled off the feat of a 9-3 loss to the New York Mets in the sixth inning.

The right-hander fired a shot from starter Taijuan Walker (9-2) outside the left field fence at LoanDepot Park. This is a solo circuit.

In the previous inning, Leblanc also hit the plate thanks to a single from teammate Jacob Stallings. The Laval native had hit a double to get to the trails. He became the first player in Marlins history to hit a double in his first two career games.

The Belle Province representative finished Sunday’s matchup with an RBI, two runs scored and two hits in four plate appearances. He was also beaten twice. The 26-year-old was on the Marlins’ starting lineup for the second year in a row. After being used as the ninth batsman the day before, Leblanc earned a small promotion and was moved up a place for the day’s clash.

As for the outcome of the game, the Mets quickly took control, building a 6-0 lead after three shots and never really being in any danger after that.

Elsewhere in the majors

At Fenway Park, the Boston Red Sox came away with a 7-2 win in their three-game streak against the Milwaukee Brewers, with shortstop Xander Bogaerts standing out by two points.

At Yankee Stadium, the Kansas City Royals ended their five-game losing streak with a win over the Bronx Bombers 8-6. It was a triple homer by Salvador Perez in the ninth inning that made the difference for the Missouri club.