1672670073 A first autumn without a new Mac since the year

A first autumn without a new Mac since the year 2000 – Consomac

It’s the first time in 22 years that Apple is going into fall without introducing new Macs. The statistics reported by MacRumors speak for themselves: Since 2001 and the release of the iBook G3, Apple has always introduced new Macs in the last quarter of the year, between October and December. The last presentation is from June 2022 with MacBook Air and MacBook Pro equipped with the M2 chip. Since then nothing.

However, expectations for the two years of the Apple Silicon project were high. Tim Cook had promised that the Macs transition would take about two years, and the first Macs equipped with the M1 chip were released in November 2022. The Mac Pro under Apple Silicon is long overdue and so Apple is late, although it is likely only a few months away — the presentation of Apple’s new professional tower is expected in the spring.

2022 Apple Silicon Macs

The reason for this small delay may lie on the side of TSMC, the founder of Apple, which launched its engraving with a fineness of 3 nanometers in late December several months late. If Cupertino’s engineers relied on this new etch to develop their M2 Pro, M2 Max, and M2 Ultra series of chips, it’s possible that TSMC’s delay has forced Apple to delay several launches.

With the Apple silicon architecture, Apple is assembling its offering with a significantly smaller number of chips than Intel. With only three different chips, several Macs could be presented at the same time. So the future M2 Ultra chip of the Mac Pro must combine two M2 Max chips that will share a common base with the M2 Pro chip. These last two chips are said to allow it to offer an update for the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros, also expected in the spring, and Apple is rumored to be releasing a Mac mini equipped with an M2 Pro chip as well could replace the old Intel model that is still in the catalog.

Corridor noise is also reminiscent of a possible 15-inch MacBook Air that would launch in the spring. As I’m sure you understood, Apple has fallen behind, but we could see a wave of new products coming soon. Note that the iMac shouldn’t be affected by future revisions: it would await the M3 chip, which isn’t expected until late 2023 or early 2024. After all, there are no rumors about the Mac Studio, which might also skip a generation if it doesn’t benefit from a small touch-up when the Mac Pro arrives.

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