A fight breaks out between influencers in a bar

A fight breaks out between influencers in a bar

Video of a fight between influencers taking place at a trendy bar in Cannes, France, has gone viral on social media.

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According to French media, the altercation happened between two former reality TV show contestants, Ahmed Thaïïï and AD Laurent.

An entrepreneur specializing in e-commerce was also reportedly involved in the dispute.

The three people are followed by hundreds of thousands of subscribers on social networks.

Several fighting men and a woman with a bloody face can be seen in the excerpt of the confrontation.

The Pointe Croisette facility took stock of the fight the day after the video was released, on Sunday night.

“There were two tables of influencers, one from Dubai and the other from France. One of those present threw a bottle on the next table. A young woman was hit in the middle of the arch and injured. A fight broke out, security forces immediately intervened and took the protagonists out, called the police and fire brigade, who took care of the injured girl and a beaten man. The scene only lasted a few minutes and the evening went on as usual for the other customers. As far as we know, some of the participants in this fight have already left for Dubai,” the statement said.