A Fazenda If you meet her record it Lucas asks

A Fazenda: “If you meet her, record it,” Lucas asks Deolane about Deborah

The farm 14‘ is about to start a new week on Record TV, but if one thing hasn’t changed since the premiere it’s the rivalry between Deolane Bezerra and Deborah Albuquerque, who have been at loggerheads since the premiere.

In the early morning hours of this Sunday, October 2nd, the lawyer spoke about the lien Luke Santos, Little Strawberry and Thomas Costaas the first farmer quoted commented, “You [Deborah] he hits the keys a lot: “Here on Fazenda 14 you are a farmer, just like me”. Oh fuck you woman.”

“I’m going to tell her, ‘Farm 14 ends in December, then you face the hand I’m going to give you 14 times in the face,'” MC Kevin’s ex shot really want to see,” Lucas asked.

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“I don’t know, I don’t know if I’ll find Deborah, I don’t know if I won’t put my hand over her ear,” Deolane said. “So please let me be with you just to see. And separated, right? Because she called me sexist, I have to act,” Santos said.

“Do not listen to him [Lucas]so that you don’t create evidence against yourself” and the farmer explained: “Losing my firsttime defendant with Deborah is f ***,” said Thomaz Costa.


In the early hours of October 1, Tiago Ramos threatened to quit Record TV’s “A Fazenda 14” again and even attempted to jump over the headquarters fence while under the influence of alcohol, which was prevented by colleagues in custody.

During the night he tried several times to contact production and didn’t want to sleep in the room. Since then he has been missing from PlayPlus cameras, showing no sign of life and leaving fans and passersby curious about his mysterious whereabouts.

When his departure was taken for granted by everyone, the model reappeared on camera around 1pm and went to smoke. Then he entered the house again and was greeted by Bia, André, Lucas, Pelé, Kerline, Rosi and Shayan.

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“Where were you? I was looking for you,” Pele asked. “There was a whistle for me to give up, then I had to sleep, I got a damn injection,” explained Neymar’s mother’s ex. “I said that you you’ll regret it,” said André. “Man, what a relief!” said Bia Miranda.

“Where did you sleep?” used Gretchen’s granddaughter to ask. “There. I left the door. I passed the same place in the countryside, they took me to a sleeping place and the doctor came,” assured Tiago Ramos.

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